“Many Lawyers will never discuss the option of an Uncontested Divorce at a flat-fee cost”

Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

Attorneys often never discuss a flat-fee option for an uncontested divorce case at their initial meeting.  Why?  Because many attorneys would rather enter into an hourly billing agreement with you at astronomical hourly rates and equally outrageous retainer deposits.  Our office approaches all cases with a discussion of the possibility of an uncontested case.  Not all cases will be uncontested.

We approach each case from this mindset only because most people do not realize that in a contested case, tens of thousands of dollars may be spent by both parties before anything of substance is ever decided by the Court.  Such cases are also not in the best interests of the minor children, and often cause long-lasting psychological issues for these children.

“A Divorce case need not break the bank”

Our offices regularly offers, and participates in, flat-fee retainers for such uncontested cases where you and your spouse are in agreement on your issues.
Both spouses always find this uncontested process a preferred alternative to the hard-feelings/ revenge mindset of the typical divorce case.  To begin this process, we can only meet with one spouse.  This is an ethical requirement of our profession.  Meeting with both spouses would mean that we could not represent either one of them in a divorce case.  An uncontested divorce case only involves one Court date (attended by the party and attorney filing the case), the court appearance usually takes less than fifteen minutes, no one suffers the embarrassment of service by a sheriff, and our office drafts all the documents you need.

The documents we draft for your case are documents that are fair and can be reviewed by your spouse, and simply reflect your agreements.  If you have children, one document that we draft is a Joint Parenting Agreement that covers all child-related issues.  Another main document, the Marital Settlement Agreement, addresses all property and financial aspects of your agreement.

In many Illinois counties (including Cook, DuPage, and Will Counties) this process could take as little as 30-45 days or sooner, from start to finish, with the cooperation of the parties.  Our flat-fee for such cases is $1,100.00 plus court costs.  You only need to ask friends, acquaintances, and family who have gone through the divorce process in the court system to realize this is a true bargain.  Our office also regularly handles those cases that will not be uncontested, at our normal hourly rates, and with the advocacy they require.

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